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    Take Your Elderly Loved One to Canoe Creek State Park!

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Central Pennsylvania gives residents the chance to experience the changing seasons throughout the year. If you want to introduce your elderly loved one to beauty of nature in the summertime, plan a trip to Canoe Creek State Park. This protected space includes nearly 1,000 acres of fields and lakes for all to enjoy. Park visitors can spend just a few hours—or even a few days—exploring all that Canoe Creek State Park has to offer. Your senior loved one can walk, fish, or just sit and take in the abundance of natural beauty. Best of all, Canoe Creek State Park has accommodations for those who require ADA assistance, so even if your loved one uses a wheelchair or other mobility device, he can take advantage of this great natural resource.

    Comfort Keepers Central Pennsylvania wants your elderly loved one to enjoy an active and healthy life. To learn more about how to keep your senior friend or family member engaged and energetic, call us at (814) 933-0059. You can also visit our website for additional details on our home care services for those living in State College, Clearfield, and Altoona.

    Home Exercises for Seniors

    Last updated 13 days ago

    Even with mobility limitations, many seniors can work out to preserve their strength and stability. This video demonstrates different exercises that seniors can do in their homes.

    Older age can sometimes make seemingly simple tasks such as getting out of a chair a challenging act. Seniors can enhance their strength and deter fall accidents by practicing this motion. Getting up from and sitting down in a chair works the leg muscles and improves balance. Seniors can also use resistance bands. By slowly stretching and releasing these bands, seniors can strengthen their arm muscles and further develop their sense of balance while standing.

    Comfort Keepers Central Pennsylvania offers a wide range of home care services to keep seniors happy, healthy, and safe. For more information on our in-home, respite, and dementia care options for Altoona, Clearfield, and Ebensburg residents, call (814) 933-0059.

    Tips for Keeping Seniors Physically Active

    Last updated 20 days ago

    Exercise can promote better physical wellness, emotional health, and overall quality of life regardless of age. So despite their current health status, seniors need physical activity to manage their medical conditions, keep up their energy reserves, and enjoy their older years. Loved ones can promote an active lifestyle for their elderly friends and family members with the following tips.

    Help Them Do What They Enjoy
    Seniors are no different than any other demographic. If forced to participate in an activity they do not enjoy, they likely will stop doing that particular type of exercise in a matter of weeks or months. Instead, loved ones should find out what their senior friends and family members want to do. Walking, swimming, stretching, and weight lifting are all distinct ways for elderly individuals to get fit and have fun.

    Encourage Regular Exercise
    A successful workout can temporarily improve blood pressure and enhance emotional wellness, but the only way to gain comprehensive and long-lasting benefits from exercise is to do it on a consistent basis. To ensure that seniors reap the considerable advantages that physical activity can bring, loved ones can help them create a calendar that makes room for a regular workout routine.

    Consult Their Physicians
    For exercise to have a positive impact, seniors must take care not to overexert themselves or participate in activities that may cause inadvertent harm. Before an elderly person begins a fitness regimen, and even as he progresses with it, an open dialogue with his primary physician is key to his overall health. A doctor can not only determine which exercises may be too strenuous for a patient, but also recommend activities that can address current medical problems, such as balance, muscle strength, or bone density.

    Is your elderly loved one getting the exercise he needs for ultimate well-being? Let Comfort Keepers Central Pennsylvania help you make a schedule that encourages your family member’s best health. Call our State College location today at (814) 933-0059 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives about our diverse home care services for the Clearfield, Ebensburg, and Altoona communities.

    What Your Elderly Loved One Can Expect From In-Home Care

    Last updated 27 days ago

    Senior citizens are often a little nervous about starting an in-home care program for the first time, usually because they aren’t quite sure what to expect. You can bring your loved one to the consultation at the home care agency with you to enable him or her to ask questions and learn more about the services. Which services your loved one can expect will vary, depending on the home care agency and your loved one’s individualized care plan. However, the following care services are common.

    Personal Assistance
    Seniors often have trouble with personal hygiene, particularly if they have a medical condition that results in functional impairment. Your loved one’s care plan might include assistance with bathing, toileting, and oral hygiene. The home caregiver can help your loved one with feeding and with following a special diet. If your loved one has mobility impairment, the caregiver can help prevent bed sores, atrophy, and other complications by repositioning him or her. Mobility assistance to promote gentle exercise is also generally available.

    Companionship Services
    Seniors can derive significant benefits from the companionship of a home caregiver. Having someone to talk to at mealtimes or enjoying a walk in the park with a caregiver can do wonders for a senior’s emotional health and quality of life. However, companionship services go well beyond these benefits. Your loved one’s care plan may also include services such as incidental transportation, housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry services, grocery shopping, and even mail assistance.

    Safety Systems
    Your loved one might also expect in-home care to include safety measures, such as the installation of smoke and carbon monoxide systems. If your loved one has a habit of wandering off because of Alzheimer’s disease, door and window alarms can be helpful.

    Here at Comfort Keepers Central Pennsylvania, it’s our mission to help seniors feel comfortable with in-home care. We offer personalized home care plans, which can include personal care services, companionship services, safety systems, and more. Families in Altoona, Ebensburg, State College, and beyond can call (814) 933-0059 for more information.

    Understanding Transitioning Care

    Last updated 1 month ago

    If your loved one has recently been hospitalized or has undergone surgery, his or her doctor may have warned you that hospital readmission is quite common. Even though you and other family members can care for your loved one, it may be difficult to meet all of his or her needs. Transitioning care, available from Comfort Keepers Central Pennsylvania, is designed to support individuals following a surgery or serious illness. Our home caregivers are specially trained to care for those transitioning to the home from the hospital, particularly when pneumonia, congestive heart failure, or heart attack is involved.

    Our compassionate home caregivers can support your family by implementing your loved one’s recovery plan. When needed, we will collaborate with your loved one’s medical team to ensure overall wellness. We can bring your loved one back to the doctor for follow-up appointments, and we can assist with meal preparation, housekeeping, and other necessities.

    Residents of the Altoona, Clearfield, and Ebensburg areas can take advantage of 24/7 home care for their loved ones. Call Comfort Keepers Central Pennsylvania at (814) 933-0059 to schedule a consultation with our home care agency today.

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